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A photo is worth a thoushand words

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words" but sometimes it's also worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The devil is in the details and small mistakes or deficiencies can become big issues and prove costly. Remember the Hindenburg and the Titanic.
Fredericton home inspector
Some conditions or construction errors are more common than others but just when you think you have seen everything, along comes an unexpected surprise.
inspection pictures
We generally take anywhere from 100 to 250 photographs and sometimes more during an inspection so that the client has a good visual image of items discussed in the inspection report.
visual record
The Inspection Photo Gallery is a collection of photos gathered over the years that includes the good, the bad, the ugly and the interesting and unusual.
inspection pictures
air exchanger in roofspace
Air Exchangers in roofs tend to be neglected
house inspector
back-water valve cover
Backwater valve cover
bathroom fan not ducted
Bathroom exhaust fan blowing into roof insulation
Oromocto home inspector
battery smoke detector ove junction box
Battery smoke detector over former AC junction box
house inspection
bracing of roof trusses
Bracing of trusses when roof sheathing is boards
thorough home inspection
unlined brick chimney
Unlined chimney with no cap system
fredericton home inspector
grout filler poor at flue
Chimney: grout between cap and clay flue in poor state
Fredericton inspectors
evidence of chimney flashing leak
Chimney: evidence of flashing leakage found in roof
Fredericton inspectors
beautiful cast iron fireplace grill
Clinker fireplace: bronzed cast iron grate
Fredericton inspectors
condensate trap poorly done
Condensate drain trap: poor design
Fredericton inspectors
fireplace damper housing warped
Fireplace damper warped and gap stuffed with insulation
Fredericton inspectors
deck header at wall
Deck headers require flashing and lag-bolts at walls
Fredericton inspectors
deck well braced
Deck with beam and joists well braced
Fredericton best home inspector
patio door fold-down security bar
Door: patio door with fold-down security bar
Fredericton inspectors
dryer duct joint poor
Dryer duct: poor splicing
Fredericton inspectors
dryer exhaust vent on roof
Dryer exhaust-vents located on roofs tend to be neglected.
Fredericton inspectors
ducts in roof-space
Ducts: insulated and uninsulated in a roof-space
Fredericton inspectors
eave soffit air flow blocked
Eave soffit air flow: poor (blocked with insulation)
Fredericton inspectors
eavetrough dam at valley bottom
Eavetrough: dam installed to prevent overflow at valley bottom
Fredericton inspectors
electrical panel without dead-front
Electrical panel: unsafe (deadfront removed for OH door track)
Fredericton inspectors
unprofessional wire installation
Electrical panel: light gauge wires added atmain lugs
Fredericton inspectors
foundation wall cracked
Foundation Crack: horizontal (footing movement-related)
Fredericton inspectors
flashing to wall poor
Flashing: mastic cracked at brick wall
Fredericton inspectors
furnace cabinet insulation loose
Furnace: blower sucking cabinet insulation
Fredericton inspectors
roof gable louvre small and low
Gable louvre: too low and too small
Fredericton inspector
gable louvre of perforated vinyl soffit
Gable louvre: interior (made of perforated vinyl soffit)
Fredericton inspectors
gable louvre of perforated vinyl soffit
Gable louvre: exterior (made of perforated vinyl soffit)
Fredericton inspectors
condensation evidence in gas furnace
Gas furnace: condensation leakage in furnace
Fredericton house inspector
outdoor heat pump units need cleaning
Heat pump: outdoor units need to be cleaned annually
Fredericton inspectors
HRV: air filter so dirty it is sucked up against the core
Fredericton inspectors
good HRV condensate drain trap
HRV condensate tubing trap well installed
Fredericton inspectors
HRV exterior fresh air intake dirty
HRV exterior fresh air intake mesh badly clogged
Fredericton building inspectors
floor joist cut completely in two
Joist cut in two for tub drain piping
Fredericton inspectors
knob and tube wiring
Knob and tube wiring
best house inspector
knob n tube wiring: unprofessional splicing to
Unprofessiional splicing of modern to knob and tube wiring
house inspector
knob n tube wiring in roof-space
Knob and tube wiring in roof-space
lateral pipe above ground
Lateral pipe to septic tank above ground likely to freeze
house inspector
mice entry point below door
Mice entry potential below exterior door
house inspector
modifications: amateur
Microwave installation: amateur
house inspector
mini-split heat pump iced-up
Mini-split heat pump badly buried in snow
house inspector
fan coil air filter dirty
Mini-split heat pump fan coil air filters need regular cleaning
house inspector
overhead garage door lock
Overhead garage door lock
fredericton house inspector
oil tank leg resting on wood
Oil storage tank leg on wood shims (not allowed)
fredericton home inspector
pellet stove needs cleaning
Pellet stove: not well maintained
good clothes washer hose bib setup
Plumbing: clothes washer thumb-turn valves with mini-resters
real estate inspector
cheater vent poorly installed
Cheater vent improperly installed
Fredericton inspectors
galvanic reaction between copper and steel
Plumbing: galvanic reaction of copper pipe touching steel duct
Fredericton inspectors
ABS waste pipe disconnected
Plumbing: ABS waste pipe disconnected below mini-home
Fredericton real estate inspectors
pressure tank pressure relief valve
Plumbing: pressure tanks require a pressure-relief valve
Fredericton real estate inspectors
shingle-over PVC ridge-vent
Roof: shingle-over ridge-vent with wind-driven rain guard
Fredericton real estate inspectors
ridge-vent shingles nailed too tightly
Roof: ridge-vent shingle nailing too tight / blocking air-flow
Fredericton real estate inspectors
range clearance to combustible shelf poor
Range: clearance to combustible wood poor
Fredericton real estate inspectors
mold and fungus is roof
Roof: extreme mold and fungus in poorly ventilated roof
Fredericton real estate inspectors
wood shaving roof insulation
Roof: cellulose insulation over wood shavings insulation
Fredericton real estate inspectors
sewage lift-pump
Sewage lift-pump: not in use
Fredericton real estate inspectors
lift-pump poorly installed
Sewage lift-pump: above floor type, poorly installed
Fredericton real estate inspectors
home-made sump pit in earth floor
Sump pit: home-made plastic pit in earth floor
Fredericton real estate inspectors

The photos are Copy-right of Chuk MacDonald but are intended for public use and are free to use or copy for private / non-commercial purposes. If you do use any of the photos, please give credit where credit due, i.e. link back to this website.

Photos taken during each inspection are burned to a CD, DVD or flash drive (as requested) and are included in the inspection report.

NOTE   While the photos were originally taken (and burned to the inspection DVD or CD) in 7 megapixels picture size, they were reduced and stored in our archive at 33 % of original size and have been further reduced for use on the web.

clearance to air filter poor
Air filter (of furnace) with poor clearance
best house inspector
back-water valve details
Backwater valve section
little brown bats huddled for warmth
Little brown bats in a huddle for warmth
Fredericton home inspector
little brown bats
Little brown bats
Fredericton's number one home inspector
little brown bats
Little brown bats
deal breaker
bat feces in roof
Bat feces on roof insulation
superior inspector
foundation crack causing brick wall crack
Structural foundation crack affecting load-bearing brick wall
counter-flashings need caulking
Chimney lead conter-flashings need caulking to mortar joints
counterflashing bonded to roofing
Chimney lead conter-flashings should not be bonded to roofing
condensate trap with clean-outs
Clear acrylic condensate drain trap with clean-out caps
crawlspace condensation
Crawlspace: poorly ventilated
precarious deck support
Deck support: questionable
house inspector
lag bolts and flashing at deck header
Deck header: well flashed and lag bolted to wall
house inspector
dead-bolt with lockset
Door :dead-bolt should have passage-set not lockset
draintile clogged with roots
Drain-tile: clogged with roots at sump pit
dryer venting into wall assembly
Dryer exterior vent not installed. Dryer venting behind siding
uninsulated duct in roof-space
Ducts in unheated spaces are required to be insulated.
house inspectors
good airflow at eave soffit
Eave soffit air flow: good (daylight showing)
eavetrough tilted due to stepped fascia profile
Eavetrough: tilted due to stepped profile of eave fascia
basin chromed trap corroded
Plumbing: basin chromed trap badly corroded
cheater vent
Plumbing: cheater vent
plumbing vent frost-plugged
Plumbing: stack vent frost-plugged
prssure tank with no pressure-relief valve
Plumbing: pressure tank lacks required pressure-relief valve
unobstructed air-flow beneath ridge-vent
Roof: good air flow opening in sheathing beneath ridge-vent
snow and ice blocking ridge-vent
Roof: snow and ice layers greatly restric performance of ridge-vents
microwave installation very poor
Range: microwave installation unprofessional and crude
range hood needs cleaning
Range:range hoods need cleaning / degreasing
roof-space access
Roof: access hatch lacks gasket for air / heat seal
prefab polystyrene roof-space access cover
Roof: prefab polystyrene roof-space access cover (good)
sewage lift pump backing up
Sewage lift-pump: drain overflowing due to pump failure
backwater valve
Sump pit: pump's ABS discharge pipe has backwater valve
sump pump with battery back-up
Sump pit: submersible pump with battery back-up

electrical panel with evidence of leakage
Electrical panel: leakage
CFB Gagetown
tidy electrical installation
Electrical panel: wiring very neatly done
inspector excessive floor joist overhang
Electrical: range receptacle missing junction box (dangerous)
a cause of floor squeaks
Floor joists: excessive overhang causes floor squeaks
furnace poorly insulated and ducted
Furnace: poorly ducted and poorly insulated
furnace cold air plenum open near thimble
Furnace: cold air plenum open above thimble
Fredericton house inspector
roof gable louvre blockage
Gable louvre: PVC-type, largely blocked
gas furnace ABS vent and combustion air piping
Gas furnace: use of ABS pipes not to current code
heat pump condensing unit corrosion
Heat pump outoor condensing unit coil fin corrosion
HRV air filter extremely dirty
HRV: air filter so dirty it tore
HRV condensate trap poorly installed
HRV concensate tubing trap poorly installed
HRV kitchen stale air grill filters need cleaning
HRV kitchen stale air grill grease filter needs cleaning
building inspector
HRV fresh air to rooms ambient air connection
HRV: a proper ambient air connection to extended plenum
house inspections
chicken wire support of joist space insulation
Joist-space insulation not protected from rodents
house / home inspector
knob and tube wiring
Knob and tube wiring with porcelain isolators
mice entry point at door jamb
Mice entry point at exterior door jamb
black mold on ceiling
Black mold on ceiling above tub
mildew on siding
Mildew on siding
mini-split heat pump iced up
Mini-split heat pump iced-up
top inlet grill of heat pump fan coil
overhead garage door infrared light beam units
Overhead door operator infrared light beam unit
oil tank bottom corrosion
Oil storage tank: steel, bottom corrosion
pellet stove burn pot
Pellet stove burn pot needs cleaning