Status Inspection & Design ®

Real Estate Inspection Service


Status Inspection & Design ®
Conducts its real estate inspection service following
The Code Of Ethics Of
The New Brunswick Society Of
Certified Engineering Technicians
And Technologists ( NBSCETT )

Duty To The Public
  • Members shall protect, to the fullest extent, the interests of their employers and provide protection for the public's welfare.
  • Members will not deliberately misrepresent qualifications or abilities or lay claim to qualifications they do not possess to further their own ambitions at the expense of employer, clients or colleagues.
  • Members shall undertake only such work as they are competent to perform by virtue of their training and experience.
  • Members shall, at all times, discourage exaggerated or untrue statements concerning any project for which they are a part.
  • Members shall always endeavor to return full value for remuneration received and strive constantly for increased knowledge and improvement within the bounds of their field of practice.
  • Members of the Society agree to uphold these ethical standards, known as the "Code of Ethics", and also encourage, by advice and example, others to adhere to these standards.
Duty To Employer
  • Members shall disclose to an employer or client the possibility of a conflict of interest, if such conflict could be detrimental to the interests of either party.
  • Members will not directly or indirectly use any information, confidential or otherwise, which is adverse or detrimental to the interests of the employer or client.
  • Members shall not disclose confidential information concerning the business affairs or the technical processes of their present or former employers without their consent.
Duty To Society
  • Members or persons attempting to obtain membership will not, by word or deed, deliberately and maliciously attempt to injure the reputation of the Society or its members.
  • Members will endeavor to co-operate with others and agree to the dissemination of new methods and technical knowledge, providing they are not placed in violation of any part of the Society's "Code of Ethics".