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A Brief Introductory Note
While Status has been in business since 1989, it is only since November 1, 2018 that we have even considered posting or even asking for reviews from our Clients. This review page was first launched after Dec. 16, 2018 but reviews will only be requested in ernest after January 20, 2019. Why the change? Well it seems that web search results rely heavily on reviews posted on Facebook, Google business sites and other social media platforms.
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Word Of Mouth
We have always strived hard to conduct our inspections thoroughly in order to protect our Clients fully and have received much appreciation for our work. A testimonial to our diligence and performance is the fact that we have had so many customer referrals that we stopped advertizing aout 12 years ago and have relied soley on word of mouth as our means of advertizing.
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Dated: 2018-12-16

Gary Irwin-Kenyon, PhD
Pathways to Stillness.
FriesenPress 2016.
I have hired Chuk MacDonald six times over the past 20 years to inspect homes that I have subsequently purchased. I have also recommended him to friends. The unanimous opinion of work done by Status Inspection is that it deserves a five star rating. Chuk’s work is detailed and thorough, and his knowledge is state of the art. He provides a comprehensive report with detailed photos of the inspection, and meets with the client to review the report. He answers any questions you may have as a purchaser and even makes suggestions about how to make possible upgrades to parts of the building. I recommend Status Inspection without hesitation.