Status Inspection & Design ®

Real Estate Inspection Service
   For Your Information
   The Company
   Status was established in the
   spring of 1989 and has completed
   over 4000 inspections.
   Status Inspection & Design ®
   provides the following services:
  • Home and Real Estate Inspection
    Services for Buyers and Sellers
  • Technical assistance for litigation
    and resolution of disputes
  • UFFI and other specific
  • Consulting Services

   The Inspector
   The Inspector, Chuk MacDonald is a
   Certified Engineering Technologist
   and member of the New Brunswick
   Society of Certified Technicians
   and Technologists (NBSCETT) and has:
  • over 45 years experience in design,
    construction & inspection field
  • 33 years experience with the
    National Building Code of Canada
  • an R2000 Certificate
  • a Phase One Environmental
    Inspection Certificate
  • 5 years of Specification Writing
  • has physically constructed 3 houses
    and renovated houses, cottages and
    apartment buildings

   The Inspections
   All inspections exceed CAHPI
   & ASHI Standards and include:
  • foundation and frame systems
  • siding, windows, doors
  • roof, electrical, plumbing, heating,
  • insulation, ventilation, chimneys,
  • fireplaces, stoves, inserts
  • general interior & general exterior
   Inspections include a check for:
   conformance to applicable codes,
   a Fire Safety check and a check
   of Arc Fault and Ground Fault
   Circuit Interrupter Protection
   Digital photographs taken
   during the inspection are included
   in a flash drive with the report.

home inspection reports
  The Reports
   Reports are fully illustrated, i.e.
   opposite each check page there is a
   page of related details.
   All comments are printed, i.e. the report
   is not the industry's check box type.
   Comments include:
  • type of materials & components
  • condition of materials & components
  • where key components are located
  • ways of reducing maintenance &
    operating costs /energy costs
  • repairs (major & minor)
  • fire & other safety concerns
   Foundation and roof reference plans
   and a flash drive of the inspection photos
   are included.
   The summary is computer-generated.