Status Inspection & Design ®
Real Estate Inspection Service
   For Your Information
   The Company
   Status was established in the
   spring of 1989 and has completed
   over 4000 inspections.
   We are one of the original members
   of the Independent Home Inspectors
   of North America (IHINA).
   Status Inspection & Design ®
   provides the following services:
  • Home and Real Estate Inspection
    Services for Buyers and Sellers
  • Technical assistance for litigation
    and resolution of disputes
  • UFFI and other specific
  • Consulting Services

   The Inspector
   The Inspector, Chuk MacDonald is a
   Certified Engineering Technologist,
   a Certified Level One Thermographer
   and member of the New Brunswick
   Society of Certified Technicians
   and Technologists (NBSCETT) and has:
  • over 45 years experience in design,
    construction & inspection field
  • 33 years experience with the
    National Building Code of Canada
  • an R2000 Certificate
  • a Phase One Environmental
    Inspection Certificate
  • 5 years of Specification Writing
  • has physically constructed 3 houses
    and renovated houses, cottages and
    apartment buildings

   The Inspections
   All inspections exceed CAHPI
   & ASHI Standards and include:
  • foundation and frame systems
  • siding, windows, doors
  • roof, electrical, plumbing, heating,
  • insulation, ventilation, chimneys,
  • fireplaces, stoves, inserts
  • general interior & general exterior
   Inspections include a check for:
   conformance to applicable codes,
   a Fire Safety check and a check
   of Arc Fault and Ground Fault
   Circuit Interrupter Protection
   Digital photographs taken
   during the inspection are included
   via CD or DVD in the report.

home inspection reports
  The Reports
   Reports are fully illustrated, i.e.
   opposite each check page there is a
   page of related details.
   All comments are printed, i.e. the report
   is not the industry's check box type.
   Comments include:
  • type of materials & components
  • condition of materials & components
  • where key components are located
  • ways of reducing maintenance &
    operating costs /energy costs
  • repairs (major & minor)
  • fire & other safety concerns
   Foundation and a roof reference
   plans and a photo CD are included.
   The summary is computer-generated.